Supporting the Desire for Education

Sol GrahamFor more than a decade, Sol Graham has been an advocate for and supporter of education in Montgomery County. As founder, president, and CEO of Quality Biological, Inc., Sol believes that his success as a businessman is rooted in his education.

As a young man, Sol was driven by a desire to get an education. "I thought I was going to college, but we didn't have the money. I asked my father to sign me up for the Navy because of the promise of some kind of schooling," he says. And the promise was fulfilled: Sol eventually attended Montgomery College, Prince George's Community College, and the University of Maryland.

More than 10 years later, he returned to Montgomery College as a member of the Montgomery College Foundation board of directors, where he has been a vocal advocate for scholarships to benefit economically challenged students for 17 years.

He was inspired by the late Gordon Macklin to lend his business expertise and counsel to the Macklin Business Institute (MBI) at Montgomery College. As a member of the MBI advisory board, Sol provides career guidance and educational and professional opportunities for MBI students. Nearly 100 percent of these business students transferred to prestigious four-year business schools across the country.

A Personal Passion
In 1992, Sol created the Quality Biological Endowed Scholarship as a testament to his commitment to Montgomery College and to biotechnology students who dream of education but lack the means to attain a degree. "Few things are more personally and professionally rewarding than opening the door to a college education for talented students," he says.

In 2010, Sol and his wife, Dorothy, established the Solomon and Dorothy Graham Endowed Scholarship through a charitable remainder trust to benefit business and biotechnology students.

Through their giving, Sol and Dorothy hope to inspire others to support education. "There is tremendous need among the students," Sol acknowledges. "And it is inspirational to support the College and its endowment effort."

Living in Service
In addition to his service to Montgomery College, Sol has also served as chair of the board of trustees for the People's Community Baptist Church and as director for Easter Seals and Strathmore. He regularly spends time with students in the Montgomery County Mentorship Program.

When asked about his giving, Sol recalls one of his grandfather's favorite quotes: "A man can't ask for more out of life than to be blessed by God, loved by his family, and respected by his community." By these standards, Sol's life has been extraordinarily successful, and his legacy of generosity will endure for generations.